Getting Members Back to Work (or to normal life!)

A healthy familyOne of the major advantages of Orchard Healthcare membership is that intelligent use of the benefit structure can enable people to “get back to work” without undue delay after periods of absence through injury or illness.

This is of particular interest to employers who may have key staff away from work waiting for diagnostic procedures, treatment, or rehabilitation whilst the employees themselves suffer the frustration of delays which can in some cases lead to a loss of earnings. Absence like this can be costly for everyone but it is a particular problem for small/medium sizes firms; the self - employed and older staff.

Orchard Healthcare Benefits can be a great help to people fed up with delays!


Physiotherapy treatment

Members can use local private Physiotherapists to deal with a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints, or rehabilitation after surgery etc. with timely treatment available without delay.

Visit the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists website for advice and where to find a local qualified Physiotherapist using their Physio2u directory. Treatment sessions lasting 30 minutes normally cost £30 to £40 (half of which is funded by Orchard Healthcare within scheme limits)

A GP`s letter of referral is not always required (but check with your doctor`s surgery) and in most cases Physiotherapists will see you straight away without delay as self referral becomes more acceptable.


Health Check

Where waiting lists to see an NHS consultant are long it may be advisable to ask your GP to refer you to a private consultant. This should speed up diagnosis and ought to bring forward subsequent treatment schedules.

Specialist Consultation fees vary but are in the region of £200 (50% of which should be refundable from Orchard Healthcare)

Seeing a Consultant privately may not in every case speed up treatment but it ought to in cases where serious medical conditions are diagnosed. In any event it will bring “peace of mind” to the patient.


Receiving Chiropractic treatment

These alternative and complementary medicines (CAMS) are covered by the Orchard Healthcare benefits and advice on all three can be found on the NHS CHOICES website. 

Osteopathy and Chiropractic are regulated under UK law and their own General Councils and Acupuncture (which is used by some Physiotherapists) is governed by the British Acupuncture Council. As with all CAMS it is important to use a practitioner registered with the relevant Professional Council.

Access to these treatments may need a GP`s letter of referral if there is any doubt about the relevance and potential outcomes.


Chiropodist abrading a bunion

Regular visits to a Registered Qualified Chiropodist are covered by the Orchard Healthcare Benefits and a GP`s referral is not needed for treatments.


CT ScanningIn most cases GPs will organise routine screening such as blood tests, X-Rays etc fairly quickly as part of the initial diagnosis.

However if an individual`s needs require it or if there undue delays in screening tests which may slow down the diagnostic process it may be necessary to undertake privately arranged tests. This might include X-Rays, CT Scans, Ultra-sound tests, and MRI scans.

There are a number of organisations which carry out private testing procedures within various medical specialisms (e.g. Occupational Health) at affordable rates which should speed up the diagnosis and ultimate treatment for individuals.

In most cases screening will require a letter of referral from a GP or other relevant medical practitioner (e.g. Physiotherapist ) as specialist interpretation of the results will be needed.

Orchard Healthcare offers 50% of Screening/Diagnosis costs subject to limits.

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