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Orchard Healthcare offer new Employee Assistance Programme
Orchard Healthcare add an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to their health cash plan to boost their health and wellbeing offering.
Self-funding scans to speed up diagnosis

With waiting times on the increase, many are being hit with delays in getting scans.  Opting to 'self fund' with your cash plan can speed up diagnosis and the subsequent treatment.

NHS waiting times and how you can help self-fund your healthcare

As NHS waiting lists for treatment grow Orchard Healthcare look at how a health cash plan can assist you in ‘self funding’ healthcare to take the pressure off a struggling NHS.

Local healthcare company offers subsidised ‘walk in’ health screening

We are highlighting the importance of health screening, offering subsidised Well Man & Well woman health screening for members of Orchard health care plans.

How can you beat Blue Monday with a health cash plan?

Today is described as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Beat this grim day by planning to make the most of your Health Cash Plan.

How can my health plan help keep me healthy?

Many people’s new year’s resolutions are health related and so they are now are asking themselves;

How can I maintain my health? What’s the best way to stay healthy? Can a health care cash plan help keep me healthy?

Orchard Healthcare believe that a Health Cash Plan can assist in maintaining health.

How do company health schemes help businesses and employees?

Company health schemes support businesses and employees by maintaining the health of staff and enabling access to medical treatments which can help to reduce absenteeism and promote a faster return to work.

Affordable healthcare - Health screening

The Orchard healthcare plan offers affordable healthcare to help you look after your health.

One of our aims is to ensure that we encourage our members to look after their health.  With that in mind we are now offering health screening for our members in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to be tested for early indications of a disease or health problem.

Employee Health Cover

How can employee health cover help my business? As an employer you may be considering providing your staff with employee health cover for a number of reasons.

Growing NHS Concerns

A Health Cash Plan with Orchard Healthcare gives you the option of private treatment so that you can skip the waiting lists and don't have to wait on the NHS.

Health and wellbeing for employers and their workforce

Back pain has a big impact on workforce availability

As the UK comes out of recession employers are finding themselves facing quite different pressures in the labour market. Demand for skilled high quality employees is rising quickly and labour shortages are emerging in some areas.

In a short time the labour pressures on many employers are a concern;-
  • Labour Retention is becoming an issue as skill shortages appear.
  • The workforce is having to continue working for longer as retirement has to be delayed in line with changes in state pension benefits.
  • There are already 10 million people over 65 in the UK and this is set to double in the next 30 years with many working up to the age of 70
  • Absenteeism although improved still costs the UK economy £14 Billion p.a. with 5.3 days lost per head each year.
  • The NHS is struggling to cope with the demands of an ageing workforce.

Employers are facing;

  • challenging labour supply and demand issues;
  • an ageing working population;
  • financial pressures to delay retirement; and
  • growing NHS treatment issues

It is no wonder that many top UK employers are putting Health and Wellbeing on the “corporate agenda”.

Read about the Challenges for Employees

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