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On average most people have 2 to 5 treatments of physiotherapy.
At an average cost of £ 37.53 a treatment that could cost them £187.65; with our plan they would get half of that back - £93.83.
With membership costing from £55.64 for a year you'd be making a massive saving by only claiming that aspect of the plan.


The average cost of glasses is £195 by being with Orchard Healthcare’s optical cash plans you could get up to £100 back, making glasses much more affordable.
If you wear contact lenses the average cost for most contact lenses is £10.00 a month costing you £120 a year. Claim back up to £100 a year towards your lenses by joining Orchard Healthcare.

Dental treatment

A typical check up with the dentist now costs £20.60 many dentists require you to visit a private hygienist which on average costs £40.00.
With two dental check ups and a hygienist visit typical for many people the cost of dental treatment can be £81.20 a year, with Orchard Healthcare we’ll refund 50% of this cost saving you £40.60.
Our Health cash plans start from as little as £55.64 a year making this an affordable way to manage your dental costs.

How have other members used their Orchard Healthcare membership?

Gold membership case study:

Over the last 12 months Mrs C from Worcestershire has used Orchard Healthcare’s ‘gold scheme’ for two dental check ups; a new pair of glasses, a physiotherapy treatment and a chiropody appointment. In addition she also had two specialist consultations with a consultant ophthalmic surgeon which resulted in two separate diagnostic procedures.

All of these treatments were covered under the Orchard Healthcare gold level membership.

The costs incurred by Mrs C for her various medical treatments over the year totalled £843.60. Orchard Healthcare paid out £391.80 to Mrs C, her membership for the year was £171.60 saving her £220.20 last year alone.

Green membership case study:

Mr D from Bromsgrove joined Orchard Healthcare on the ‘green level’ membership of the scheme. Last year he claimed for a dental check up, new glasses, two physiotherapy treatments, paternity grant following the birth of his child and an allowance for day surgery. His annual membership cost him £96.72, Orchard Healthcare paid out £244.50, paying out more than 2.5 times the cost of his membership.

Unlike normal insurance policies a health cash plan does not go up in price if you claim.
In fact our health cash plan has stayed the same price for the last eight years.

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