What is a health cash plan?

Health cash plans are insurance policies that instead of covering you for unforeseen events like private medical insurance (PMI), they help you pay towards the cost of routine healthcare such as dental checkups, prescription glasses, chiropody and physiotherapy.

Health cash plans can prove to be a cheap way of paying for the everyday health costs that you encounter. Health cash plans cover the cost of dental, optical, physiotherapy treatment & many more.

Whilst we are very lucky to have the NHS in this country there are still costs to be paid when it comes to your health, the most common being dental check ups or hygienist appointments and optical sight tests. A health cash plan enables you to recover some of these costs.

It’s simple:

  1. Select your level of cover from our range of plans.

  2. Choose whether you want to pay a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual premium for your cover.

  3. When you receive treatment you simply pay up front and then send the receipt to us along with a claim form.

We will reimburse you through a cheque or payment directly into your bank.


How much could I save?

If you chose our green level plan for example;

  • you could claim back up to £70 towards optical,
  • combine that with 2 dental check ups costing £20.60 each you’d get back £20.60,
  • a dental hygienist appointment costing £40 for which you’d receive £20 all covered by the scheme.

In this typical case we’d be paying back to you £110.60 for an annual membership that only costs you £117.00.

And that’s from only utilizing two benefits of the cash plan. If you were also to undergo three treatments of physiotherapy at a typical cost of £40 you would also receive an additional £60 back.

You can also claim back for more expensive treatments such as specialist consultations and should you have to stay in hospital this is also covered for the length of time that you are in hospital.


Can anyone join?

Anyone under the age of 65 is able to join for life. Our flat-rate does not increase with age so once you’re a member you’ll pay the same whether you’re 18 or 100.

See our Policy rate card for levels of cover and fees.

Click here to view the plan details and select the best option for you

Health Cash plans cover Diagnosis

What does the Orchard Healthcare health cash plan cover?

The health care cash plan covers:

  • Dental - check ups, x rays, fillings, hygienist appointments are all included
  • Optical – from a sight test through to prescription glasses and contact lenses
  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments
  • Chiropody and podiatry
  • Specialist consultation – pays towards the cost of a specialist consultation with a consultant
  • Health screening – pays towards the cost of a full health screen, mammography screening, well woman or well man screening, bone density scan and heart disease screening
  • Matenity / paternity grant – a payment on the birth or adoption of a child
  • Hospital treatment is covered through:
    • Day surgery – providing a pay out for a one day day surgery case
    • Hospital in patient – providing a pay out for each night in hospital

When can you make a claim?

You are able to make a claim 13 weeks after you join the scheme. If you are a corporate member who has joined through your company you will be able to claim immediately.


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