Why join a Low-Cost Health Cash Plan?

Avoid NHS queues with a Health Cash planAdvantages of membership of health cash plans include

Speed up diagnosis

Use specialist consultation fees, health screening, and diagnostic procedure benefits from health cash plans to speed up the diagnosis of your condition and in many cases bring forward the date of treatment. Even if it is not possible to bring treatment forward the “peace of mind” of knowing the diagnosis is helpful.

Avoid NHS queues for treatment

It may not be possible to by-pass NHS queues entirely but speeding up Diagnosis and using Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractice, Accupuncture, and Chiropody/ Podiatry benefits could ensure post operative therapies are carried out without delay to help people back into their normal routines quickly.

Access to screening

Using the Health Screening and Occupational Health Screening benefits of the health cash plan, members can take a proactive view of their health and wellbeing by tackling any concerns they may have about their health in general.

Spread the cost of regular medical expenditure

Expenditure on everyday items such as Dental and Optical treatment can give rise to large one off payments which can put a strain on cash flow.
Members can effectively help spread the cost over 12 or 24 months using the benefits for Dental, Optical, Hearing aids and Surgical appliances.
In addition benefits paid out for in-patient treatment, Day Surgery and Recuperation in respect of NHS treatment can also help with extra costs incurred.

Wider medical choices can get you back to work faster!

Absenteeism from work can cause difficulties for everyone concerned especially if treatment or recuperation is delayed unduly. Many of the Orchard Healthcare Health Cash Plan Benefits can help speed up the process to enable a speedy return to fitness and work.

A wider range of medical choices covering Screening, Diagnosis and Specialist support followed by the important Post-Operative therapies should ensure the process is carried without delay.
This process can be complex and needs the help and support of an individual`s General Practitioner. However the Benefits of  Health Cash Plans are designed to help give wider medical choices particularly in the areas of diagnosis and post operative care to speed up the process when this is needed.

Cover your family

Membership of our Health Cash plans can be extended to your family through their own separate individual memberships or through the “Family Membership category.

Accident insurance cover

A comprehensive Personal Accident plan is provided free of charge to all members who subscribe to our health cash plan.  This covers accidental injury from minor injury to accidental death.

Benefit levels

The Orchard Health Care Health Cash Plan has four levels of benefits. The details of these benefits vary from level to level and members should ensure that they select the one which is best suited to meet their individual needs

Download full details of benefits and subscriptions

Who can join the plan?

  • Employees of companies who operate the Plan (offering membership on a voluntary basis) and collecting subscriptions through deductions from pay.
  • Employees of those companies who provide membership as part of the employment benefit package.
  • Any Private individual who wishes to join as a direct subscriber paying their subscriptions by Direct Debit or other direct payment to Orchard Healthcare.
  • Individuals must be under the age of 65 years on joining but can continue membership thereafter.
  • Claims cannot be made for pre-existing conditions or for which treatment has been sought in the previous 12 months.
  • Claims cannot be made in the first three months of membership (except for corporate members)
  • If you are an Employer please contact us to discuss corporate arrangements
  • If you are a Private Individual download an application form or call the office on 01905 729090
The Orchard Healthcare plan is fully regulated by the UK Regulatory Authorities

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