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According to research by Ipsos Mori the key issue worrying Britain's today is the NHS. When questioned 40% mentioned the NHS, health service, hospitals or healthcare as being a concern. This came higher than any other issue for Britain's. 

While satisfaction with the NHS remains, there are growing concerns regarding the future of the NHS. Many questioned, believed that the NHS will worsen over the next few years. 

Recent press coverage has created raised awareness of the following issues that impact the NHS: 

  • Junior doctors strikes 
  • Missed waiting times targets for treatment 
  • Concerns over the future of the NHS due to financial and demand pressures 
  • Rationing NHS care 

Orchard Healthcare fully supports the NHS in the services provided and its treatments but in order for the NHS to provide the critical treatments required we believe that taking responsibility for your own health can help to take the burden from the NHS. 

An Orchard Healthcare cash plan enables you to take control of your health, rather than relying on the NHS and adding to the waiting times for treatments. A health cash plan can enable you to skip NHS waiting lists and instead opt for private treatment when it comes to specialist consultation or diagnostic procedures. With a wide range of healthcare plan treatments covered by a health cash plan it pays to become a member, particularly as we head towards winter the traditionally peak period for demand for NHS services.

Visit our website to find out more about the benefits of a health cash plan. To enquire about joining a health cash plan, you can phone us on: 01905 729090 or email us at: [email protected]

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